The workplace, post COVID-19, is being viewed as “the first line of defense in preventing the spread of infectious germs,” states NCMB Dir. Rogen Cumba as he homed in on ways to better protect employees and clients from disease transmission.

“The future of office space is less densification, more virtual meetings,” Director Cumba stressed.  “I am doubly grateful that the funds for the rehabilitation of our office was released in a timely manner and renovations are now on-going so that we can incorporate some safety measures with regards to lay-out,” he added.

The rehabilitation of the RCMB-8 office is being implemented by the Department of Public Works and Highways following the release of a sub-allotment advice authorizing the agency to incur obligations for the repairs.

According to Dir. Cumba, he had fears that the rehabilitation would not push through as the government instituted cuts in public spending in the light of COVID-19, but is thankful that the allocation was approved in early March 2020 before the lockdowns started.

Dir. Cumba likewise recommended imposing greater control on what and who come into the office.  “We have implemented a queuing system to control foot traffic in and out of the office,” he said.  “The office is also set to implement Tacloban City’s Covid-19 Surveillance, Contact Tracing, Analysis and Networking (SCAN) System, a digital app that will identify people who are potentially exposed to COVID-19,” he added. Clients will be required to present their unique QR Codes to be scanned by an electronic scanner as identification prior to entry to the office.