by Pamela R. Babalcon

“LIDE Management Corporation (LMC) aims to foster better relations between labor and management to supplement the grievance process when necessary and to supplement the CBA,” LIDE Management Corporation Salaries and Benefits Administrator Rosinita Bulac disclosed when interviewed by NCMB-RB8 personnel in Isabel, Leyte yesterday.

“Our CBA negotiations have always been relatively short, they were mostly concluded in five hours or less,” Bulac shared. “We credit this to the harmonious labor and management relationship generated through the years by nurturing our LMC,” she added.

According to Carlos Cedillo, past president of the LIDE Management Corporation Employees Union, the only time they experienced difficulty in the negotiations was during their maiden CBA. “During that time, we did not know what we were doing and so we sought the intervention of the NCMB to school us on how to effect successful negotiations,” he remembers.

“Through the trainings and seminars, we learned about the LMC and we thought to create a committee who will oversee our activities,” said Cedillo. “Since the creation of our LMC, no grievance case was filed because issues and concerns were already talked about in the LMC,” he added.

Bulac also noted that all non-economic provisions of the CBA are discussed in the LMC. According to Bulac, only the economic provisions are deliberated during negotiations.

“We concluded our last CBA last December 2019 after five hours of negotiations,” Bulac shared.

LIDE Management Corporation is the estate manager of the 425 hectare Leyte Industrial Development Estate which houses two major industries in the region: the Philippine Associated Smelting & Refining Corporation and the Philippine Phosphate Fertilizer Corporation.